Electric chocolate maker

Proposed design of the chocolate maker.  Patent pending.  Seeking manufacturer.

Grinding at hot, not or cold temperatures.
2-in-1 -
Tired of cooking chocolate on the stove and then grinding it?

Consider this Chocolate-Maker.

Just start running it, pour in the cocoa-powder, cream and sugar and any speciality ingredients.

Close and let it grind for a few hours for that slow-cooked flavour.

Open and scoop out the chocolate.


Set it to cold.
Use the steel whisk.
Start it.
Pour in cream, molasses and flavouring or fruit.
Let it run till done.
Your ice-cream is ready.

Tried making nougat, but found the mixie not strong enough?
Start this with the steel whisk and the extra strong motor.
Pour in the ingredients, especially the heated sugar syrup and watch it whisk to completion.

Multi temperature Grinder   v 0002 0000   with audio

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