Electronics - Recording from an electronic keyboard

And an electronic keyboard with a built-in hardware-and-software unit that translates the whole keyboard output – including the key presses, the timing, the type-of-sound, the type-of-beat (if any), … basically anything that is output from the speakers.

Just put a replicator (same as a Splitter, just put the input at the single port, and the outputs at the double, or whatever number of other ports) at the junction just before the speakers.  The digital signature from the electronic keyboard should arrive at that junction, and then replicate by having one wire that transmits the incoming digital signal to the hardware-and-software unit, and another wire that allows the digital signal to flow to the speakers where ….

So the digitial signal that bounces along the wire to the hardware-and-software unit is translated by the H-and-S unit into a variety of formats – mp3 etc….

This mp3 sound is then transmitted to a built-in USB port on the electronic keyboard.  A memory device can be fitted to this USB-port, and depending on the memory capacity required, it could be either 1 MB, or 1 TB.

Accessory – a wire with a USB-plug-in on one end and a USB-socket on the other end.  SO the USB-plug-in is plugged into the USB socket of the electronic keyboard, and then the wire reaches till a table behind the electronic keyboard, where a big 1 TB hard disk is sitting, and the USB cable plugs into that.

Voila!  Instant recording of whatever I play on the electronic keyboard.

But then, wonder why it should be recorded…. Just a thought….

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