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. . . . From the desk of Ms. Ann Abraham . .

Okay, so there is thing called the musical keyboard in GarageBand.  Apparently it’s an onscreen keyboard. 

I would like to have a program (app) that associates a particular tone with each key on the physical keyboard.

Wonder how it would sound to actually type a character (single note), a string of characters (a word – oh my!  That would be a tune), and then a string of words (a paragraph – That would be another tune).

Imagine, type a song’s lyrics on the keyboard in a timing, and have the sounds sounding, and there is an automatic tune for the lyrics.  The chorus would sound the same each time, because the same lyrics are being typed out each time.

And then, when we get tired of that tune, or want another tune for the same lyrics, there should be a window on the iMac screen from this app, which allows the association of a particular frequency of note with a particular key on the keyboard.

So when the same lyrics are typed out again, this time with the revised frequency-notes, the tune is well, different!!

I would like to have this please...

And so would many others, except they don't know it yet,.... till it rolls out...

Dear Apple, would you do your best...?  Or less, doesn't matter... just get it done!

Yay! Yay!

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