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Electronics :
The Replicator:
Apparently there is something called a Splitter where there are two sockets and one jack. 

Seems to me it is one jack into the guitar, and then two outputs out….

Seems to me actually, that it is two jacks into the sockets, and they get combined into one waveform, but how, I don’t know, but if the wave can get copied into two, the two can also be flown together. 

So it seems to be a very basic sound-mixer.

Would be useful if there was a wire (not too long, lest the wave be distorted), between the single jack and the multiple sockets, so that the jack can be plugged into the electric guitar (probably need an inclined jack for that, so the current wire is um, not for this purpose). And the wire extend out, and then end in the socket junction.

So, we keep looking….

Could use that for the keyboard.  But if a jack is connected to the keyboard, there is no sound output from the keyboard speakers.  Oh hey! Wonderful… This must be why there are two sockets.  Was looking for something exactly like this.

Plug the jack into the keyboard socket.  Then the wire extends out, or not even that, because the keyboard back has space, and there are the two sockets, and that is where
·                      one cable connects it to the sound-mixer (current) or directly to the computer, or to a digital sound-mixer or something… yet to be found.
·                      And then the other socket is used to connect another cable to an amplifier, so that there is sound in the room.  Boom, boom!
So I name thee a replicator.

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