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2014-01-10-06-45 or sometime around then
And the next requirement is :

Already existing – recording a track.

Required – the ability to play that track back (existing) and then click “Record” and then I can play along with that playing track, and record the whole thing as another track…. 

Or better yet, record that new sound as a separate track depending on which instrument is connected – if it is the microphone, then all the sounds that play, in a single track, which is useful for outputting all the sound as one track.. in the final analysis.

Or record an acoustic guitar via the microphone, and then plug in an electric guitar (How on earth do I plug an electric guitar into an iMac – I’m looking for a wire with an inclined plug to plug into my electric guitar, and a USB port on the other end, to plug into a USB port on my iMac – Dear Apple, could you please introduce this as an accessory?  In fact, a cable to connect my electronic keyboard to the iMac USB port too – just a regular ¼” jack – cable – USB port please – another accessory, sold separately, maybe or as part of the package deal).

So a separate “Play” button for each track, if you please….
And one master “Play” button to play all the tracks, so there is synchrony.

Or better yet, a check box next to each track, and I’ll check the boxes of the tracks I wish to play, and then click on “Play” and all those tracks will play on the wonderful iMac speakers, and they’ll all get recorded together on the wonderful iMac microphone, and then I’ll be ready to go!

Or so I hope!


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