TechnoBlog - My requirements for a heater - 2014-01-16-19-41

. . . . From the desk of Ms. Ann Abraham . .

So I had this heater, and I wanted the water really hot for my bath.  So I used to switch it on, and it would heat, and when I went for my bath I would have really hot water, and it would be such a treat.

Then the heater stopped heating – maybe it blew a fuse or the heating coil just gave out.. oh dear. 

So a better heater would be instantaneous – when I want hot water, I just turn the hot-water tap and that should be connected to an electric switch by a wire (insulated from the water) and that should heat a coil over which the water runs, and then I should get hot water just for that much time, and no more.

And then it will be electricity saved, and heater gained, and I’ll have hot water, and I will bathe again.!

But with all the good food I’m eating, there is no body odour, except if I really sweat, and I don’t really do that either, unless I exercise just after I eat, in which case I sweat like a um, pig.

But one sweats only when one works.  When one is having ball, no one breaks a sweat at all.

Oh I used to sweat a lot, once upon a time, and I loved sweating, and I still do, but I just don’t sweat anymore…  Maybe I should drink more water…

I used to glory in my sweat, once upon a time.  But must be that times are changing stuff… I barely sweated today.  But I know if I don’t wash, I’ll be not-fresh tomorrow, so here I go again…!

Need that heater connected to my hot water tap please…!

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